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Programmer has a choice to control what they want to see and how they want things to work. I can never forget the joy experience once you get things working exactly the way you wanted it to be, it's like an addiction!

Simplify your life
Computer is a tool to communicate with other people, do your online shopping, finish up your presentation, etc. but none of this could ever be achieved without the accompanying programs / applications.


Projects / Websites

I always interested in learning new technology, I'm contantly working on different things. Feel free to check out my project page to see several interesting projects / websites that I'm currently working on or have done in the past. Project Page

Latest Resume

Everyone gain experience over time and I'm no exception! If you want to view my latest resume or just want to find out where I'm currently working, always go to http://resume.violato.net where I can assure you that I will keep my resume updated Cool Resume



Want to know more about me? I got a lot to share! be sure to check out my profile page. Read More

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